How are Payroll Codes Validated

As part of the Import Validation, payroll codes within the payroll audit file will be matched with the payroll codes currently stored in BenTek. The purpose of the payroll code validation is to ensure that the codes provided in each payroll audit are consistent with the administrator's standard list of available payroll codes.

If a payroll code does not match with the stored codes, an alert will display after the file has finished processing. The alert will provide a link to allow the user to view a list of discrepancies from the audit, which will include entries for payroll codes that do not match with the stored codes.

The entries for payroll code discrepancies will show the name of the member with the invalid payroll code, the payroll code on file, and a message explaining the discrepancy.

If the site is configured to use Payroll Code Validation, the log for import validation errors will also include entries for mismatched payroll codes. The alert will display the file name and line number for the mismatched codes.