How to Create a Benefit Class

Within the Benefit Class Information section, click the Plus icon.

Select the desired Benefit Class from the drop-down list.

Enter the Start Date (Benefit Effective Date).

Enter the End Date, if applicable.

Select an option from the Allow New Hire drop-down, if applicable.

Click the Save icon.

An alert will confirm that the record has been saved.

When adding a new hire to BenTek, the Date of Hire should always be used to populate the Benefit Class Start date to ensure the appropriate waiting periods are calculated (this is especially true under the Afforable Care Act). If the new benefit class selected qualifies the employee for benefits as a new employee and permits New Hire enrollment, the Allow New Hire drop down box will appear after the End Date field. Select "Yes" to allow the employee to access the New Hire Orientation module, or select "No" to deny access to the module.

If no dates are entered, the New Hire Begin and End dates will be auto-populated upon saving based on the Benefit Class start date and new hire eligibility rules established during implementation. The Administrator also has the option to enter the New Hire Begin and End dates. In both scenarios, these dates establish the time frame in which the employee may access the New Hire Orientation module.