How to Add an Employee Record

Administrators have permissions to add, edit, and remove all employee records.

For the purposes of this section, records are defined as active employees, retirees, and Cobra participants.

The following steps should be used to manually add a new record to BenTek.  

From the BenTek Menu, select Benefits Administration and then Add New Employee.

Enter all demographic information. The fields marked with a blue box and a white star within are required fields.

For clients with multiple entities, please remember to select the correct entity from within the Client drop-down.

Canadian province and postal codes are supported.

Click the Save icon when done.

Upon successfully saving the new employee record, the screen will automatically redirect to the Employee Information page.

If the Social Security Number of the newly added employee matches an existing record, the Link icon will appear within the employee's Member section to the left of the Edit icon. Click on the icon to navigate to the related record.