How to Cover Dependents

When changing a coverage, if the new coverage includes dependents, the screen will list all of the employee's eligible dependents.

By default, all eligible dependents will be listed with the new coverage's effective date as their effective date.

Administrators can change the dependent effective dates to occur any time after the new coverage's effective date or they may clear out the effective date field to prevent a dependent from being added to the new coverage.

If the added coverage includes dependents, but the employee has no eligible dependents on record, an alert will display to inform the administrator that there are no eligible dependents for the added coverage and the administrator can click "OK" to proceed with adding the coverage, or the cancel icon to go back and change the coverage.

Dependents With Previous Coverages

If an employee has dependents that are covered under a current coverage, but will not be covered under a new coverage, simply edit the dependents information along with the employee's.

The termination dates for the current coverage will match the effective date of the new coverage.

Administrators will have the option to click the save icon to proceed with saving the new coverage, or they may click the cancel icon to go back and modify, or cancel, the new coverage.

All dependent plan options are linked directly to employee coverage. Depending on the type of change made to the employee coverage, the dependent records will be impacted.

Corrections to plan options should only be made within the same effective/termination dates listed for that specific coverage. If both the plan option and date(s) are incorrect on the employee’s coverage, please delete that coverage and add the correct coverage.