How To Upload a File

As an administrator, you can upload documents to an employee's record. To successfully upload documents, files must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid file extension: jpg, jpeg, png, txt, pdf
  • Under 2MB in size. If a file has a picture extension (jpg, jpeg, png) and is over 2MB in size, BenTek will attempt to resize the image to decrease the size of the file to under 2MB
  • Can't be a blank file
  • Not permitted to load more than three (3) files at a time

To upload or view existing documents within any employee record,  administrators can navigate to the "Files" section located toward the bottom of the side navigation menu.

After selecting the "Files" from the menu, you'll be presented with a list of files currently available for the employee record. If an employee does not have any files attached, the page will appear with no files and administrators will see "No current files" displayed within the table. To load a file, click "Choose File". BenTek will allow administrators to load up to 3 files at a time.

A file loader dialog box will appear. Select the file(s) to be loaded and click "Open".

If one file was selected, then the file name will appear next to "Choose File". If multiple documents were selected, then the number of the files selected will appear next to "Choose File". In this example, three files will be loaded.

Notice that once a file, or files, are selected, the "Upload" button becomes enabled. Clicking "Upload" will complete the process

Should any files not meet the necessary requirements, they will not be loaded to the employee record and administrators will see an error message with a description as to why the file(s) were not loaded.