How to Run Roster Reports

Roster reports can be generated for all available coverages. Roster reports provide detailed data for all currently enrolled participants for the specific coverage based on the roster report selected. The report is generated by entering a single begin date (M/D/YYYY), which is the date used to determine current enrollment. Records will appear if coverage is effective as of the begin date entered. Records with a future coverage termination date will appear in the report with a termination date in the coverage term date column. All roster reports list employee records in alphabetical order by last name.

All roster reports will include the following columns:

  • Demographic Information: Columns will provide each employee's personal information (Social Security Number, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Address, etc.)
  • Job Information: Columns will include the employee's Job Status (Full Time or Part Time), Job Title, Salary, Location, Department, and Union Affiliation.
  • Benefit Class: Displays the benefit class that is effective as of the report's Run Date.
  • Coverage Information: Columns will include the Carrier, Coverage Type, Coverage name, Plan Name (or Benefit amount ), Tier, Coverage Effective Date, and coverage termination date (Coverage Term Date) for an employee's elected coverage. The report also includes columns for a coverage Physician code (PCP/PCD), Per Pay Contribution amount, Per Pay Deduction amount, Monthly Premium, Subsidy, Monthly Volume, Deduction Code, Contribution Code, and Plan Code.
  • Waiver of Premium: Displays "YES" to identify any coverage that has a waived premium.
  • Waiver Effective Date: Lists the effective date in which the coverage's premium was waived.
  • Waiver Term Date: Lists the date in which the coverage's premium will no longer be waived.
  • Employed Spouse/DP: Displays the Social Security Number for covered dependent spouses or domestic partners who are also employees; the column will be left blank for all other dependents. Dependent roster reports will display the dependent's Social Security Number next to the applicable dependent's record. All other roster reports will list the applicable dependent's Social Security Number next to any listed coverage that includes the dependent; the column will be left blank for all coverages that do not include the applicable dependent.
  • Medicare Part: Displays the selected Medicare coverage type.

Please follow these steps to run a roster report:

Expand the "Census Reports" category.

Click on the desired roster from the left panel, under "Census Reports".

Select the format type for the file (Excel, CSV, PDF) using the drop-down box under Report Format.

Enter the desired date for generating the report.

Click "Run".