How to Interpret Discrepancy Results

The Discrepancy Results will remain viewable until either "Run New Payroll File" or "Finish" is selected.

To view the discrepancies for each employee, click on the blue arrow located to the left of the employee’s Social Security Number.

The discrepancies are grouped by the benefit (Medical, Dental, Vision, etc.)

Each package has three rows associated with it:

  • Row 1: Payroll Information – Coverage Description, Pre-Tax Deduction, Post-Tax Deduction, Contribution, Tax (Pre-Tax/Post-Tax)
  • Row 2: BenTek Information – Coverage Description, Pre-Tax Deduction, Post-Tax Deduction, Contribution, Tax (Pre-Tax/Post-Tax)
  • Row 3: Selected – Coverage Description, Pre-Tax Deduction, Post-Tax Deduction, Contribution Tax (Pre-Tax/Post-Tax)

To change the BenTek record, click the "Go to Record" button under the employee’s name. This will navigate to the employee record in BenTek.

During the discrepancy process, a box will appear on the bottom of the screen that lists all of the employee's discrepancies. Use the scroll bar inside the box to view multiple discrepancies.

To return back to the payroll discrepancy page, click on the link labeled "Back to Discrepancies Report" located in the top-middle of the box.

To close the box completely, click the red "X" located in the top-right of the box.

Please note, if this box is closed, click the MENU button and select Payroll Audit to navigate back to the Payroll Audit. The box will only appear again when "Go to Record" is clicked for the employee's record.

To navigate to the coverage that needs to be changed, use the left panel menu to navigate to the appropriate coverage.

The standard process for editing employee coverage is used to correct an employee that appears on the discrepancy. The box will not update changes; it is displayed for viewing and navigational purposes only.

Administrators still retain the ability to search for and view other employee records while the box is still visible.

Although changes do not appear in the box, all saved changes will appear on the discrepancy report screen.

After reviewing and modifying (if needed) a discrepancy record, click the "Back to Discrepancies Report" link to navigate back to the discrepancy report.

Any changes performed on the employee will now be reflected in the Selected row.

All changes must be saved on the employee record. The Selected row is for display only; if no changes are made to the coverage in BenTek, the Selected row may retain the statement "No Action Taken" when the audit is finished.

Definition of Terms

  • Row 3 (Selected): If "No Action Taken" is displayed within the Selected row after the employee's record is reviewed, then no changes were made to the coverage(s) with the discrepancy and the information in the BenTek system is considered correct.
  • Row 3 (Selected): If "Terminated" is displayed in the Selected row, then the BenTek coverage with the discrepancy has either been removed on from the BenTek system or it has been terminated using a date prior to the payroll date.
  • Row 3 (Selected): If the Selected row does not display "No Action Taken" or "Terminated", then the actual coverage correction should be displayed.

Administrators have the option to use the Completion Status check box located to the far right of the employee's discrepancy report to visually indicate that the employee has been reviewed. Simply check the box to indicate that the record has been reviewed.

It is not necessary to check the Completion Status box in order to save changes or complete the payroll discrepancy report. The box is for tracking purposes only.