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How to Manually Approve Qualifying Event Submissions

If an employee uses the Qualifying Events module to elect a new coverage and the prior coverage election has an effective date that is on or after the Qualifying Event Effective Date, a conflict will occur.

If an employee's elected coverage conflicts with a current or future coverage, "Yes" will appear in red under the column labeled Conflict within the employee's expanded view under the Pending Events tab.

Click the "View Record Changes" button to review the employee's record.

A box will appear at the bottom of the page with the current elected coverage and the new coverage displayed. For the conflicting coverage(s), "Yes" will appear under the Conflict label.

To manually approve the conflicting coverage election, click "Manual Approve".

Click "Manual Approve" to proceed or click the "Back to Pending Qualifying Events" button to return to the record being reviewed.

When all coverages are approved (including manual approvals) or denied, administrators will return to the Pending Qualifying Events page.

For any manually approved coverages, administrators will need to navigate to the employee's benefit record and update the coverage elections manually.

If a Qualifying Event is manually approved, administrators will need to manually set the Cobra event for any dependents who are impacted by the event.