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How to Access the Pending Qualifying Events Screen

When an employee submits a Qualifying Event, the employee's request will be listed within the Pending Qualifying Events page.

The Pending Qualifying Events feature allows administrators to review and approve/ deny an employee's updated elections for a life-changing event. The employee's request for updating their coverage based on a qualifying event can be approved or denied at the employer's discretion.

Employee's will be notified while submitting their Qualifying Event request if any additional documentation (ie. a marriage license) will be required in order to complete the request.

The following steps should be used to review submitted qualifying events and approve or deny them:

From the BenTek Menu, select Benefits Administration and then Pending Qualifying Events .

If there are any pending submissions, they will be listed on the "PENDING QUALIFYING EVENTS" page.

The page will list the employee's name, Employee ID, the status of the submission, and the date the qualifying event was submitted by the employee. Administrators can download, print, and view a memorandum for the employee's submission by clicking on the PDF icon located to the far right of the employee's name.

Click on the arrow located next to the employee's name to view additional information for the submission.

Submission Information

The expanded view will show the type of event that warrants the submission, the date of the event, and the effective date for the elected coverages (by default the effective date will match the event date).

The elected coverage names and affected prior coverages will also be listed in the expanded view.

If any dependents were impacted by changes made through the Qualifying Event module, they will be listed at the bottom of the employee's expanded view. The dependent's name, relationship to employee, and coverage type will be listed.

Within the expanded view, administrators can modify the Event Date, Effective Date, and/or add comments within the Comments for User text area and click the Save icon button to save the changes.

An alert will appear to confirm that the record was updated.

The Delete icon will delete the Qualifying Event record. The delete icon should only be used if a Qualifying Event was submitted in error. The Delete icon should not be used to deny a Qualifying Event. Instructions for denying a submitted Qualifying Event will be detailed below.