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How to Provide Coordination of Benefits Information

If available, to add a concurrent coverage, the following steps should be used:

Click the Plus icon within the Coordination of Benefits section.

Select the Coverage Type (if more than one type is available).

Select a Responsibility Type in relation to the elected coverage (the default selection will be "Primary").

Select a Carrier Name from the drop-down box.

If the Carrier Name is not listed, simply fill out the new carrier form and click the corresponding save icon. A success alert will appear. The name will automatically be added to the carrier drop-down in the coordination of benefits form.

Enter the begin date for the concurrent coverage (COB Begin Date).

If applicable, enter the termination date for the concurrent coverage (COB End Date).

Enter the Group Number.

Select the Account Service Type.

Click the Save icon.

After the concurrent coverage is saved, the concurrent coverage information will appear in the Coordination of Benefits section located beneath the Elections section.

In the Coordination of Benefits section, administrators may edit or remove any concurrent coverages that are listed for the employee by clicking the Edit or Remove icon.