How to Add Coverage

The following steps should be used to add coverage:

Navigate to an employee's record and select the desired coverage from the left panel menu.

In the Elections section, click the Plus icon to add a coverage.

Select the Status from the drop-down.

Enter a date within the Effective Date field.

Click the "Filter" button.

Dependents may or may not display depending upon the coverages that are available.


If a coverage only offers pre-configured benefit amounts, the available options will be listed within the Election drop-down box.

Select a coverage from the Election drop-down.


If the selected coverage uses a slider feature for setting a benefit amount, the slider will appear below the Election field. The slider will show the minimum benefit amount on the left and the maximum amount on the right. When the slider's handle is dragged from left to right, the slider will display the benefit amount and the corresponding deduction amount. Dragging the handle right will increase the benefit amount and dragging the handle left will decrease the amount. The amount cannot be less than the amount displayed on the left or greater than the amount displayed on the right.

Select the plan from the Election drop-down list.

Click on the blue Handle button and drag it left or right to set the appropriate benefit amount.

If applicable, update begin and end dates for dependents.

Click the Save icon.

If the coverage allows for a PCP, PCD, or PDP number, a Physician field will be displayed to the right of the Election drop-down box. The Physician field is not a required field, but the appropriate number may be entered if it is requested by the employee.