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How To Update An Existing Submission

After a submission has been made, there's a time period that occurs in which an administrator must review each document. Before an administrator has approved or denied a document, every document loaded will be listed with a file status of pending. No action is required of you unless a document has been denied.

New documents can be loaded by simply clicking the "Choose File" button. A typical file dialog will appear, allowing you to select up to three files to be loaded at a time.

Once an administrator approves a document or denies a document, the file status next to each file will be listed as "Approved" or "Denied". If a document was approved, then there's nothing else for you to do. If a document was denied, then you can click the comment bubble icon to see the reason the administrator denied your document.

There's another icon that will display all history related to the file - including when it was loaded, overwritten, approved, denied, etc... This is useful to track when updates were made to a file.