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Uploading & Submitting Documents in the Document Center

The Document Upload Center allows you to submit documentation to the Benefits Administrator for review.  Whether the documents are for Open Enrollment changes, New Hire Orientation elections, or a Qualifying Event change, you can easily submit documentation in this module.

After reaching the Document Upload Center from the menu, the first box you'll see is the "Reason to Upload Documents." Simply make a selection from the "Reasons" drop down to begin the process. If you select "Other," then you must type a brief explanation as to why you're submitting the documentation.

Once a reason is selected, a box will appear that allows you to upload your documentation.  The list of documents are a suggestion of possible documents you may need to upload, based on the reason entered.  You only need to upload documents relevant to your elections.  If you are unsure what documents are required, contact your benefits administrator.

Upload up to three files at a time by clicking the "Choose File" button. A file loading dialog box will appear. When the files are selected, the greyed out "Upload" button will now be enabled. Clicking this button will load the files. You may delete a file if uploaded in error, or continue loading additional files. Once you've loaded all of the documents necessary, click the "Submit" button to complete the process.