Electing Coverages

On the Benefit Elections page, you can select the benefits you want from the list of benefits your group provides. To make an election, select the button that corresponds to the desired benefit. Please note that you can only elect one benefit per coverage type, e.g. if you are electing a Health coverage, you can only select one medical plan from the list of available medical benefits. If you have already selected a medical plan and you click on a new medical plan, the previously selected plan will no longer be selected.

You will need to repeat your selection for each benefit type that is provided until you have made choices for all of your elections. Please note that some benefits such as flexible spending account elections require you to input an annual benefit amount. After you enter the annual benefit amount, BenTek will display the per pay deduction for this amount.

If group life insurance is available, use the provided benefits slider to set the benefit amount. Please note that the deduction per pay period for the amount specified will be calculated below the slider. To set the desired level of coverage, click and hold the left mouse button on the slider button and drag the button until you reach the desired coverage amount.

Some benefits such as Supplemental Insurance do not permit elections to be made without sitting with a benefits enroller. Please contact your benefits administrator if you wish to make a change to a benefit that requires an enroller to be present.

If SBC documentation is available, a column for SBC documents will be available on the Benefit Elections page. SBC stands for Summary of Benefits and Coverages. You may download the SBC document for a plan by clicking on the document icon located within the SBC column next to the plan. If the form is available in another language, an alert will request you to select your desired language for the document. After making a selection, you will be able to download and view a summary of the plan's benefits and coverages.