Updating Dependent Information

The Dependent Information page will allow you add, edit, and/or remove a dependent record. You will need to create a dependent record for each dependent that you wish to add to your elected benefits.

Important Icons

To add a dependent record, click the "Add New" button.

This button will display a form to input demographic data for the dependent.

The list below includes the minimum fields required in order to add a new dependent:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Social Security Number
  4. Gender
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Student
  7. Relationship

Additional fields may be required for dependents at your employer's discretion.

When you are finished entering the dependent’s information, click the Save button.

An alert will display to confirm that the dependent has been added.

After you save the new dependent, the saved information will appear within the Dependents tab. To expand a dependent’s record, click on the blue arrow located to the left of the dependent's name. An expanded record will show all of the demographic information for the dependent.

If you wish to edit a dependent record, click on the Edit icon that appears next to the applicable dependent. This action will expand the form, if not already expanded, and you will be able to change information for any field. Click the save button when you are satisfied with your changes.

To remove the dependent, click the Remove icon. An alert will ask you to confirm the removal of the dependent. Click the "Continue" button to remove the dependent and the record will be removed from within the Dependents tab.

When you have completed all updates for your dependent records, click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page to navigate to the Benefit Highlights page.