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Approving a File in a Pending Submission

An employee has the opportunity to upload documents for completing Open Enrollment, New Hire Orientation, Qualifying Event, or any other reason. Once an employee submits a reason, it becomes a pending submission for you to review. Start by going to the "Pending Documents" section in the menu.

Once on the "Pending Documents" page, any pending submissions that need to be completed will appear. Each submission will have an identifier (name and ID), the reason for the submission, and when the employee submitted.

Click the header of a pending submission to expand. Once expanded, all of the files that the employee loaded will appear.

A file can be downloaded by clicking the file name. This is how the file will be reviewed. Once reviewed, if the file is approved, click the check mark.

Once the check mark is clicked, the "File Status" cell will change to "Approved".

To read any history associated with changes in the file, click the history icon. A popup will appear that reflects all of the changes made.