How to Run the PCORI Report

The PCORI Fee report will provide the average number of plan participants that are enrolled in medical coverage for a specified date range. The report will take a snapshot of plan participants enrolled in medical coverage as of the first of the month for each month within the date range. The report will then calculate the average number of enrolled participants for the specified date range. The PCORI report displays applicable data by status, and also covered dependents.

Please follow these steps to run a PCORI report:

Expand the "ACA & Tax Reports" category.

Select "PCORI Report" from the left panel.

Enter a date within the Start Date field.

Enter a date within the End Date field.

Click "Run".

The PCORI Report will only include a month if the first day of the month falls within the report's specified date range. For example, if the report is set to begin on 1/15/2013 and end on 7/1/2013, the report will only include information for the months of February through July; January will not be included because the 1st of January is not within the date range.