How to Run the OE Stats Report

The OE Stats report can be generated at any time during your active open enrollment period and does not require a single date or date range. The OE Stats report includes data across several categories that will provide detailed information about the progression of the online enrollment process. The open enrollment statistics categories include creation of a BenTek profile, access to the open enrollment module, and submission of enrollment sessions. The report is split into the specified categories and lists employee records in alphabetical order by last name with each category. Employees may appear in multiple categories.

Please follow these steps to run a OE Stats report:

Expand the "Transaction Reports" category.

Select "OE Stats" from the left panel.

Select a format for the generated file (Excel, CSV, PDF).

Click "Run".

The generated report includes employee demographic information and open enrollment status (Created/Existing Accounts, OE Submissions, Did Not Login, etc.).