How to Run the No SSN Report

The No SSN report can be generated at anytime and does not require a single date or date range. The No SSN report provides detailed data for employee and dependent records that do not have Social Security Number or the existing Social Security Number may be invalid. The report lists employee records in alphabetical order by last name and includes data including relative demographics and job information, dependent records, applicable coverage options, etc.

Please follow these steps to run a No SSN Report:

Expand the "Transaction Reports" category.

Select "No SSN Report" from the left panel.

Select a format for the generated file (Excel, CSV, PDF).

Click "Run".

The generated file will include each applicable employee's name, status, and the Social Security Number on record. It will also indicate whether or not they have current benefits. If generated for a dependent, dependent information will also be included. If the dependent's record is hidden, it will be noted under the Dep Hidden column.