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How to Run the No Dependents Covered Report

The No Dependents Covered report provides detailed data for all employee records that have an active dependent coverage(s), but no dependent records linked to the coverage(s), based on the begin date entered. The report is generated by entering a single begin date (M/D/YYYY). The report lists employee records in alphabetical order by last name and includes employee demographics, coverage information, dependent records, etc. The purpose of this report is to identify employee records that do not have any dependents covered by an active dependent coverage.

Please follow these steps to run the No Dependents Covered report:

Expand the "Transaction Reports" category.

Select "No Dependents Covered" from the left panel.

Select a format for the generated file (Excel, CSV, PDF).

Enter a date within the Start Date field.

Click "Run".

The No Dependents Covered report will include the following columns:

  • Demographic Information: Columns will provide each employee's personal information (Social Security Number, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Address, etc.)
  • Job Information: Columns will include the employee's Job Status (Full Time or Part Time), Job Title, Salary, Location, Department, and Union Affiliation.
  • Benefit Class: Displays the benefit class that is effective as of the report's Run Date.
  • Benefit Information: Each row within the report will detail the benefit that allows for dependent coverage, but does not have any dependents assigned to the coverage. The benefit information will include the Coverage Name, the Coverage Tier or Benefit Amount, the PCP or PCD number (if provided), the Per Pay Contribution and the Per Pay Deduction amounts, the Coverage Effective Date, and the Monthly Premium.
  • Waiver of Premium: Displays "YES" to identify any coverage that has a waived premium.
  • Waiver Effective Date: Lists the effective date in which the coverage's premium was waived.
  • Waiver Term Date: Lists the date in which the coverage's premium will no longer be waived.

The report will only list an employee's record if there are no dependents linked to an active dependent coverage; if at least one dependent is linked to the coverage, the employee's record will not appear in the report.