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How to Run the New Hires Report

The New Hires report provides detailed data for all employee records that have a hire date that matches a date within the specified date range entered to generate the report. If the date range is set for 9/1/2012 through 9/30/2012, the report will contain all employee records that contain a hire date that is on or after 9/1/2012, but no later than 9/30/2012. If an employee record contains a hire date prior to 9/30/2012 such as 8/31/2012 or a hire date after 9/30/2012 such as 10/1/2012, the employee record will not be included in the report. The report lists employee records in alphabetical order by last name and includes applicable data for new hires including employee demographics, job data, benefit eligibility date, etc.

Please follow these steps to run a New Hires report:

Expand the "Status & Eligibility Reports" category.

Click on "New Hires" from the left panel.

Select a format for the generated file (Excel, CSV, PDF).

Enter the desired date range using the Start Date and End Date fields.

Click "Run".

The generated file will include each eligible employee's name, Social Security Number, Address, Job Title, Hire Date, and Benefits Eligible date (date of eligibility). If the employee has any coverages that are effective within the date range, the effective Coverage(s) and the corresponding Coverage Type will be listed under the respective columns.