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What is the Plan Changes Report

The Plan Changes report provides detailed data for all employee records where coverage change(s) have been made including: tier changes, new coverage elections, termination of coverage within a specified date range. The Plan Changes report is generated using a begin and end date (M/D/YYYY - M/D/YYYY). Changes made prior to the begin date and after the end date will not be included on the report. If any of the columns are not applicable, they will be left blank within the report.

By default, the report will include the following:

  • Coverage Information: The name of the changed coverage and its tier of coverage or benefit amount.
  • Field Information: The name of the modified field, the value prior to the change and the new value.
  • Date Changed: The date and time in which the field's value was modified.
  • Coverage Effective/Termination Dates: The effective date of the new coverage and the termination date (if applicable).

Employee records will be listed multiple times if more than one coverage was changed (each coverage will be listed on a separate line).

Dependent records are not included in this report.