How to Complete a Payroll Audit

When all records in the discrepancy report have been reviewed and modified (if necessary), click the "Finish" button at the top of the screen to return to the "Upload Files" page. At this time, another discrepancy report can be generated for another benefit (if not all benefits were reviewed at the same time or to run an audit for another payroll file).

When the "Finish" button is clicked, a report will be generated and saved in the History tab within the Payroll Audit section. This report displays the discrepancy for each record before the "Finish" button was clicked. This report can be printed and used as a reference during the billing process.

After the payroll discrepancies appear on the screen, Administrators have the option to click the "Finish" button immediately. This will generate a report, which will be saved in the History tab within the Payroll Audit section. The name of this report will include the date when the payroll discrepancies were generated. This report displays the same discrepancies that can be viewed online.

The discrepancy report can also be printed to review the list of discrepancies. If any records need to be updated in BenTek, Administrators must manually navigate to the record in order to update employee coverage options, dependents, dependent coverage, etc.

Administrators are responsible for updating the employer payroll system(s) and making the necessary deduction and/or billing adjustments.