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How to Access and Review the Error Report

After running the import process, an error report will display if any of the following criteria is met:

  • The length of data provided within a field exceeds the maximum length allowed for the field (i.e. The length of an employee's name is too long).
  • The format of an employee's information is invalid (i.e. Letters are used within the field for an employee's zip code/postal code).
  • A required field is not filled out (i.e. An employee's last name is missing in the Last Name field.)
  • Invalid data is used within a column that only accepts specific data based on a range of selections (i.e. The information provided in the field for Marital Status does not match with the provided options).

If any of the above criteria is met, an alert will appear after the audit file is processed, informing the user that an error was found within the file and it will provide a link to view a list of the errors. The error log will list the following (from left to right):

  • EmpID/SSN
  • Name
  • Line (This value can be used to locate the employee within the audit file)
  • File (When running multiple audits, this information will identify the specific file that caused the error)
  • Field
  • Value
  • Error

The error report may be accessed again at anytime by re-visiting the Personnel Import page. On the left hand side, click "Error Reports".

To view the log, click on the icon in the actions column. The details will appear at the bottom of the page.