How to Generate a Discrepancy Report

The Payroll Audit feature compares all coverage codes (plan and tier) and deductions maintained in BenTek against all of the coverage codes (plan and tier), deductions, and contributions sent on the client file.

Upload Options to BenTek include:

  • Automated Transmission from client
  • Manual Upload to Secure FTP
  • Browse Upload from Payroll Audit module
  • If employee groups (i.e. Retirees) have different pay periods, the Payroll Audit can be configured to generate for each employee group.

The following steps should be used to upload payroll files and generate the discrepancy report:

From the BenTek Menu, select Payroll Audit.

Enter the payroll date.

The plans section will expand to show you the available plans.

If available, select an Employee Group. Selecting a group may impact which plans are available.

Coverage Selection: Selecting and removing coverages will be most useful for separating coverages with deductions on different pay cycles (i.e. Monthly vs. Semi-Monthly). If a coverage deduction is not represented on the payroll file (due to a different deduction pay cycle), it can be removed from the selected coverages so that only the applicable coverages will be audited.

Unchecked coverages will not be compared when running the audit. By default, all coverages will be selected.

Select one or multiple payroll files to have them compared against BenTek and create the discrepancy report.

Click the "Run" button to begin the audit process.

Records with coverages that are current as of the Payroll Run Date will be included in the Payroll Audit.

If Employee Groups are generated separately, the Administrator will be required to complete the payroll audit separately for each group.

If the option to select an Employee Group is available, but the field is not modified when the audit is run, the system will use the default selection when generating the audit.

When determining what date to use for a specific pay period, use the last day of the pay period. For example, if the desired pay period ranges from October 10th to October 25th, use October 25th as the Payroll Run Date.