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How to Review Qualifying Event Submissions

Click the arrow next to the name of an employee record.

Click the "View Record Changes" button (located at the bottom of the expanded record) to begin reviewing the Qualifying Event submission.

The button will navigate to the employee's record. A box containing the employee's current (prior) and elected coverages will appear at the bottom of the page.

Click the "Approve" button to approve the changes made through the Qualifying Events module.

If the employee's submission is denied, click the "Deny" button.

Clicking the "Approve" or "Deny" button will approve or deny only the coverage displayed within the box. If multiple coverages were impacted by the Qualifying Event, then the administrator will need to approve or deny each coverage.

After all coverages are approved or denied, an alert will appear providing a link to print or download a notification with the status of the employee's latest Qualifying Event submission.

The form will indicate approved and denied coverages by placing an 'X' within the Approval or Denial box located next to each impacted coverage.

If you did not follow the provided link, click "Okay" to navigate back to the Pending Qualifying Events page. The reviewed event record will no longer be listed in the Pending Events tab.