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How to Edit a Dependent's Coverage Information

This function should be used in the following instances:

  • If any coverage of dependent(s) requires correction due to data entry error, administrative exceptions, etc. Administrators have permissions to add/edit/terminate any dependent coverage on behalf of the employee.

All dependent plan options are linked directly to employee coverage. Depending on the type of coverage the employee is enrolled in, Administrators will have limited options.

Corrections to plan options should only be made within the same effective/termination dates listed for that specific coverage.

The termination date of dependent coverage must be on or before the employee’s termination of coverage. It cannot be set for a later date.

Corrections and/or removal of effective and termination dates can only be made if related to the listed plan option and if the dates are within the coverage period for the employee. If both the plan option and date(s) are incorrect on the dependent coverage, please remove the coverage and add the correct coverage.

To edit a coverage for a dependent, please see the How to Cover Dependents section earlier in this guide. A dependent coverage can only be changeded by editing the coverage for the employee.