How to Edit Personal Information

This function should be used in the following instances:

  • Correction of any personal data
  • Employee Death
  • Files

The Following steps should be used to edit personal data:

Search for Employee using the Find Employee Search Bar.

Click on the employee's name to view the employee's record.

Click the Edit icon located to the right of the employee's name.

Update all appropriate information (all required fields must be filled out in order to save the information).

Click the Save icon.

If a date is entered into the Date of Death field, all active coverages will be terminated using the date immediately following the date of death if the employee is not covering dependents (Example: Date of Death: 1/1/2013, coverage will terminate 1/2/2013). Any dependents covered will continue coverage through the end of the month (Example: Date of death occurs 1/1/2013, dependents will retain coverage through 2/1/2013).