How to Add Manual Benefits

The following steps should be used to enter manual benefits (ie. life insurance, HSA, FSA, etc.):

Search for an employee's record in BenTek via the Find Employee Search Bar.

Click the desired coverage from the left panel menu located within the employee's record.

Click the Plus icon to add a new coverage.

Select the appropriate status.

Enter the Benefit Effective Date.

Enter a date within the Termination Date field (optional).

Click "Filter".

After clicking "Filter", the Add Coverage form will expand to display the following fields:

  • Election
  • Benefit Amount
  • Pre and Post Deduction
  • Contribution (if applicable)
  • Comments

The amounts entered for the Deduction and Contribution fields should reflect per pay period payments.

Select the desired plan from the Election drop-down box.

Enter the desired Benefit Amount.

Enter the Deduction amounts.

Enter the Contribution amount (if applicable).

Enter Comments (optional).

Click the Save icon.

When complete, the Manual Benefit will appear at the top of any prior benefits. The current status of the employee (Status), effective date, termination date (if entered), deduction amount (Pre-Tax and Post-Tax), contribution amount, and, if applicable, physician will be displayed.