BenTek AdminBenTek Administrator Guide Adding Employee RecordsHow to Add Benefit Class Information to an Employee Record

How to Add Benefit Class Information to an Employee Record

The benefit classifications are defined as employee groups which are established during the implementation process.

From within the Benefit Class section, click the Plus icon.

The New Benefit Class form will appear within the Benefit Class Information section.

Select the desired benefit class from the Benefit Class drop-down.

Enter the Start Date (Date of Hire or Benefit Effective Date).

If the Allow New Hire field is visible, select 'Yes' or 'No' to grant or restrict access to the New Hire Orientation module.

When adding a new hire to BenTek, the Date of Hire should always be used to populate the Benefit Class Start date to ensure the appropriate waiting periods are calculated (this is especially true under the Afforable Care Act). If the new benefit class selected qualifies the employee for benefits as a new employee and permits New Hire enrollment, the Allow New Hire drop down box will appear after the End Date field. Select "Yes" to allow the employee to access the New Hire Orientation module, or select "No" to deny access to the module.

If no dates are entered, the New Hire Begin and End dates will be auto-populated upon saving based on the Benefit Class start date and new hire eligibility rules established during implementation. The Administrator also has the option to enter the New Hire Begin and End dates. In both scenarios, these dates establish the time frame in which the employee may access the New Hire Orientation module.

Provide a date within the End Date field or leave the field blank.

Click the Save icon.

The Benefit Class Setup section will automatically appear when the following criteria have been met:

  • There are no currently active benefits.
  • The Benefit Class Start Date is within the current plan year.
  • The Benefit Class is eligible to receive default benefits.
  • There is a related job status already in the system.

In the Waiting Period section, put the toggle button in the ON position for all instances where the employee is newly eligible and subject to the initial eligibility waiting period according to the corresponding effective date as displayed for each coverage below. Put the toggle button in the OFF position when all benefits will reflect an effective date based on the benefit class start date.

The coverages section lists coverage options available to the employee. The Default column indicates those coverage options that are default benefits. Put the toggle button in the ON position within the coverages section to auto-enroll the employee in the coverage options identified in the Default column.  Put the toggle button in the OFF position to prevent the default benefits from being activated and to require that the employee’s record be manually updated for certain default benefits.

The appearance of the toggle button to enable the waiting period for default benefits varies across Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome. However, the button still behaves the same: simply click the toggle button to enable or disable the waiting period.

When finished toggling the waiting period and default benefits, click the Save icon again to finalize the creation of the benefit class.

The Benefit Class information will appear as shown below once it is saved: