How to Use the Search History Bar

The Search History toolbar can be accessed on all screens throughout BenTek. Simply click the "Search History" button just below the blue bar at the top of the screen.

The gray search bar will appear above the button.

Search fields include:

  • Module
  • SSN
  • Employee ID
  • Name
  • Begin Date
  • End Date.

Select the desired Module (Open Enrollment, New Hire, Qualifying Event, Beneficiaries).

Enter the employee's name, Social Security Number, and/or Employee ID number.

Click Run to display the employee's submissions for the selected Module.

Select the desired Module.

Provide a begin and end date.

Click Run to display all matching records within the entered date range.

Search Results

The search results for each module will list the employee's name, Employee ID number or Social Security Number, and the date and time the selected module was submitted. Each submission record will only list benefits that are elected through one of the modules and benefits that have a termination date that occurs on the enrollment effective date. The system will automatically set a termination date for any previous coverages that have an open-ended effective date and are modified through one of the modules; the termination date will match the effective date of the submitted enrollment.

Click on the arrow next to the employee's name within the search results to expand the submission record and view all benefits that are effective as of the submission date. If an employee changed coverages using one of the modules, the previously effective coverage will be listed under the Prior Coverage column and the new coverage will be listed under the Elected Coverage column. The coverage changes will also be designated by a light blue background. If no changes were made to a coverage, the same coverage name will appear under the Prior Coverage and Current Coverage columns and there will be no change in the background color.

Prior Coverages for Open Enrollment submissions are any coverages that will be effective up until the day before the next Plan Year (the effective date of the new election). For Qualifying Event submissions, Prior Coverage refers to any benefits that are effective up until the day prior to the Qualifying Event date. Prior coverages are not listed for New Hire Orientation submissions because the module is intended for employees who have just become eligible for benefits.

If the employee's record includes dependents, they will appear below the employee's list of benefits. The light blue background will highlight each dependent that had their coverage modified through one of the modules.

QE History

The EBC search results for the Qualifying Event module will include a Status column to indicate whether an employee's submission was approved, semi-approved (not all submitted elections were approved), or denied by an administrator. Each submission record will include a PDF document icon that will allow administrators to download and view the Qualifying Event letter for the submission, which details what coverage elections were approved and/or denied.

The expanded view of a Qualifying Event submission record will show the employee's qualifying event (marriage, birth, death, etc) along with the date of the event and the effective date for the approved elections (the effective date will match the Qualifying Event date unless an administrator manually changes the effective date when the Qualifying Event is approved). The expanded view will also display any prior benefits that were affected by coverages that were elected through the Qualifying Event module. The Conflict column will identify elections that conflict with an employee's future benefit. Conflicting coverages will be denoted with the word "YES" listed under the Conflict column. The Status column located to the right of the Conflict column will show whether an election was approved, denied, or manually approved. Elections that cause a conflict will either be manually approved or denied. If a benefit is not allowed to be modified through the Qualifying Event module, it will not be listed within the submission record.

Beneficiary History

The EBC search results for the Beneficiary module will display records for any employee who made an Open Enrollment, New Hire Orientation, or Beneficiary Designation submission and have beneficiary designations on record as of the date of their submission. If the Qualifying Event module allows employees to modify beneficiary designations, the results will also show records for Qualifying Event submissions by employees who have beneficiaries as of the date of the Qualifying Event submission.

Each record listed in the results on the Beneficiary History page will provide the employee's name, Employee ID or Social Security Number, the submitted module (Open Enrollment, Qualifying Event, New Hire Orientation, or Beneficiary Designations), and the date and time of the submission. The expanded view will list all life coverages that the employee is enrolled in as of the submission date along with all beneficiaries that are currently on record as of the submission date. Each beneficiary record can be expanded to reveal additional information (beneficiary's Social Security Number, date of birth, etc.) by clicking on the blue arrow located next to the beneficiary's name.

Beneficiaries that are designated for life insurances that are not modifiable through the Qualifying Event module will not appear for Qualifying Event submission records listed within the Beneficiary History page.