Using the Report Builder

The Report Builder allows you to use existing reports to create your own custom reports. You will have the ability to choose the columns you want on the report, the order, as well as other options. Once you create a report, it will be saved and accessible to all other administrators.

Create a New Report

Navigate to the "Reporting" section.

Click the "Create Report" button.

You will be presented with a screen that starts out like the below picture.

Give the new report a name in the "Report Name" field. You can also enter a description for the report in the "Description" field, but that is not required. Next, choose a report type in the first drop down. Once selected, the "Report Template" drop down will become enabled. The options in the "Report Template" drop down are solely based on the "Report Type" chosen. After those two selections, you will see the right side of the screen change.

The "Default Columns" section indicates the columns that will show on the report if you make no changes on the following page. The "All Columns Available" section shows all of the columns that can appear on the report. Click the "Next" button when you are satisfied with your choices so far.

This page allows you to add filters to the report based on your needs, as well as changing the column list. In the "Criteria Filters" section, you can choose which filters you want applied to the report. Based on the "Census Default" template chosen in the previous step, these are the options available. Other templates could have different filter options.

Some filters are determined by the previous selection. For example, in this scenario, you must choose the "Plan Types" first, then click the arrow button, then choose the "Carriers" filter option. Some drop downs in this section are multi-select (meaning you can select multiple options), or only one option can be selected. You will know which is multi-select if when you click an option you see an icon appear to the left of the option.

For this scenario, click "Plan Types" top open the drop-down.

Make as many selections as you need for this report. You'll notice a check mark icon appear to the left of it, indicating it has been selected.

Once selected, you will see the arrow icon to the right of the drop down become enabled.

Click that arrow to make the "Carriers" drop down enabled. This drop down will only show the carriers specific to the plan types chosen. If you need to go back to the "Plan Types" drop down, click the arrow icon that is now pointing back to the "Plan Types" drop down.

Once you have made your filter options, you can proceed to the last sections, "Columns". In the drop down, you can choose which columns you want to add or remove. Clicking a column in the drop down that does not have the check mark icon next to it will add it. Clicking a column in the drop down that does have the check mark icon next to it will remove it.

Right below the drop down is the order in which the columns appear on the report. You can also remove a column by clicking the X next to the column.

If you want to change the order the column list, simply drag and drop the column. Move your mouse over the column you want to move. Hold your left mouse button down to "grab" the column. Then move the column to the desired location.

Once everything is done, click the "Save" button. You will then be taken to your new report's page.

Deleting a Report

Reports that have been created through the report builder can be deleted. In order to do this, select the report like any other report, from the left-hand navigation.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a "Delete Report" button. Click that, and then click "Yes" in the pop-up to remove the report.

Favorite a Report

Any report, whether created through the Report Builder or a standard report, can be marked as a favorite. This moves the report to the "Favorites" category, so it can be easily accessed. In order to favorite a report, select the report like normal in the left-hand menu. At the top of the page, to the left of the report's name, click the star icon.

Once clicked, you'll see the star icon become yellow, indicating it is a favorite. Once marked as a favorite, it will then appear in the "Favorites" category.

If you no longer want it marked as favorite, click the star icon again and it will no longer appear as yellow. It will also be automatically removed from the "Favorites" category.